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1. Signing client reserving a vehicle(s) must be 18 years of age or older. 2. There is absolutely NO SMOKING and/or EATING in the vehicle(s). 3. No illegal substances or weapons of any sort will be permitted to be used or transported in the vehicle(s). Any violation of this section will result in termination of this contract; furthermore, no refund will be relinquished. 4. Any person(s) under the age of 21 will not be permitted to consume and or be in the possession of any alcoholic beverages. Any violation will result in termination of this contract without refund. 5. New Braunfels Limo Service reserves the right to terminate this service, without refund, due to disorderly conduct by anyone in the party. 6. An additional $250.00 fee will be assessed to the signing client for anyone in the client party vomiting on the interior/exterior of the vehicle(s). 7. We reserve the right to refuse any unscheduled exceeded hours and any changes to the original agreed scheduled runs, unless approved by management. In the event that unscheduled exceeded hours are approved, our regular hourly rate will be charged. 8. In the event of an unforeseen incidence, substitution vehicle(s) may be provided at no extra cost. 9. A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required for the reservation of a vehicle(s) If cancellation is not received 48 Hours prior to the scheduled run or if the passenger does not show up, you will be billed the full amount of the service. 10. New Braunfels Limo Service reserves the right to charge for the full amount of the scheduled run whether or not service is used in its entirety. 11. Signing client is responsible for all payments and additional costs incurred by the client and/or anyone in the client’s party. Upon client signature, all rendered services are indisputable. 12. Client assumes all liability for any damages caused by client’s entire group. 13. No décor or writing on or inside the vehicles. 14. New Braunfels Limo is not responsible for any and all items left in the vehicles.

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Without a doubt, limousines are a thing to behold. Each part of these prestigious vehicles seems to radiate luxury and elegance unparalleled in the automotive world. Even with the general high standard that limousines tend to uphold, the ones that perhaps stand out the most are the famous Hummer limousines.

Hummer has long been considered a top-notch manufacturer of trucks and sports utility vehicles. The famous and the rich would often turn to Hummer as their choice of vehicle brand in order to let the world know they’ve made it, and with good reason. Hummer vehicles are not only extremely functional but also highly stylish. So it seems logical that a Hummer limousine would, in many ways, be considered the best of the best: a top-notch brand of vehicles manufacturing what many feel is the apex of land transport.

A Hummer limousine is usually made by converting, or rather, stretching one of Hummer’s flagship vehicles, the Hummer H2. As the H2 is an excellent SUV that was once nominated for the North American Truck of the Year award, it provides an excellent basis for conversion into a lengthy and aesthetically pleasing limousine.

It’s unlikely you are among the lucky few able to outright purchase and own a Hummer limousine. This, however, doesn’t mean you’ll never get a chance to experience its comfort and prestige, as Hummer limousines are readily offered by most larger limousine rental companies. Hummer limos make for some of the most popular limousine rentals, as the limousine retains the characteristic rugged and menacing Hummer look, a status symbol on its own, while still maintaining the elegant feel that a limousine is supposed to give off.

A Hummer limousine can stretch up to 11 meters and can host up to 16 passengers, chauffeur excluded, and some limo companies offer even larger models. Once you have rented a Hummer limousine, an experienced chauffeur is going to be assigned as part of the price, and he or she will provide a professional service to the extent requested by the client, be it merely in the form of manning the vehicle and navigating through the city or also by acting as a type of tour guide. These chauffeurs tend to be locals with a deep knowledge of all the places worth visiting in the city they work in.

Hummer limousines fully meet the high standards set by other limousine brands and possibly even exceed them. Because of their large size, they often have many outlandish features added with party-loving passengers in mind. Aside from the standard perks of modern limousines like LCD TVs, DVD and CD players and iPod docks, they will also tend to feature things like smoke machines and various types of ‘disco’ lightning. More often than not, one or even several mini-bars will be present, ensuring the passengers do not run out of refreshments. One can throw an entire party to remember inside the limousine, as some models feature a raised ceiling for added headroom so that the passengers may stand upright in the limousine, allowing them to dance and socialize as they are driven around, causing heads to turn in envy and wonder.