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1. Signing client reserving a vehicle(s) must be 18 years of age or older. 2. There is absolutely NO SMOKING and/or EATING in the vehicle(s). 3. No illegal substances or weapons of any sort will be permitted to be used or transported in the vehicle(s). Any violation of this section will result in termination of this contract; furthermore, no refund will be relinquished. 4. Any person(s) under the age of 21 will not be permitted to consume and or be in the possession of any alcoholic beverages. Any violation will result in termination of this contract without refund. 5. New Braunfels Limo Service reserves the right to terminate this service, without refund, due to disorderly conduct by anyone in the party. 6. An additional $250.00 fee will be assessed to the signing client for anyone in the client party vomiting on the interior/exterior of the vehicle(s). 7. We reserve the right to refuse any unscheduled exceeded hours and any changes to the original agreed scheduled runs, unless approved by management. In the event that unscheduled exceeded hours are approved, our regular hourly rate will be charged. 8. In the event of an unforeseen incidence, substitution vehicle(s) may be provided at no extra cost. 9. A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required for the reservation of a vehicle(s) If cancellation is not received 48 Hours prior to the scheduled run or if the passenger does not show up, you will be billed the full amount of the service. 10. New Braunfels Limo Service reserves the right to charge for the full amount of the scheduled run whether or not service is used in its entirety. 11. Signing client is responsible for all payments and additional costs incurred by the client and/or anyone in the client’s party. Upon client signature, all rendered services are indisputable. 12. Client assumes all liability for any damages caused by client’s entire group. 13. No décor or writing on or inside the vehicles. 14. New Braunfels Limo is not responsible for any and all items left in the vehicles.

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Limousine rental services are becoming increasingly popular and available to the masses. As renting a limousine becomes more and more affordable to the average person, an increasing number of extravagant limos can be seen driving through any major city in the U.S. daily. For those whose needs aren’t met by a limousine of standard dimensions and features, there’s a special type of limo called the limo bus.

Also known as party buses, these specialized rental vehicles are marketed towards customers looking to throw a party while on the move. Those who can afford it will often rent a party bus for the night instead of going to a club, and will experience the unique feeling of partying in a moving vehicle. These buses will often have disco lights and loud music capturing the attention of anyone on the outside and letting them know what a great party the passengers are having. Of course, a chauffeur is going to be present throughout, allowing the passengers to indulge in alcohol as much as they want without worrying about safety while on the road.

Party buses come in different sizes depending on the size of the partying group in question. Some smaller buses can only carry around 10 passengers while others can have close to 70 seats. Their size often allows for amenities that are extremely unusual for a ground vehicle, such as toilets or stripper poles. Conveniently, these buses will tend to feature doors and windows whose lock is controlled by the chauffeur, ensuring the inebriated passengers don’t fall out of the moving vehicle – an important feature considering many of these buses tend to carry several mini-bars full of liquor.

A limo bus is a more luxurious category of party buses whose interior is often more lavish in terms of materials used, going as far as to include hardwood floors or private VIP rooms. While a mini-bar is a common feature in many larger limousines, the VIP rooms in limo buses will sometimes even have a smaller kitchen with tables included. A limobus usually can’t carry more than 20 passengers, but certain models are known to have room for up to 30. Regardless of whether the vehicle in question is a regular party bus or a limo bus, one can expect the usual extravagant perks such as flat screen TVs with video games and satellite, audio systems and electrical outlets throughout the vehicle.

The main cause for renting a party bus is, as you might have guessed, looking to party on the road. Aside from serving as a sort of extension to whichever nightclub the passengers might be visiting, allowing them to continue the partying throughout the night regardless of their location, party buses are also a popular choice for various types of celebrations like weddings or proms. Because of the size of party buses and the amount of passengers they carry, the driver often has to have a special driver’s license whether they are operating in Europe or the U.S., further necessitating a chauffeur be present at all times.