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1. Signing client reserving a vehicle(s) must be18 years of age or older. 2. There is absolutely NO SMOKING and/or EATING in the vehicle(s). 3. No illegal substances or weapons of any sort will be permitted to be used or transported in the vehicle(s). Any violation of this section will result in termination of this contract; furthermore, no refund will be relinquished. 4. Any person(s) under the age of 21 will not be permitted to consume and or be in the possession of any alcoholic beverages. Any violation will result in termination of this contract without refund. 5. New Braunfels Limo Service reserves the right to terminate this service, without refund, due to disorderly conduct by anyone in the party. 6. An additional $250.00 fee will be assessed to the signing client for anyone in the client party vomiting on the interior/exterior of the vehicle(s). 7. We reserve the right to refuse any unscheduled exceeded hours and any changes to the original agreed scheduled runs, unless approved by management. In the event that unscheduled exceeded hours are approved, our regular hourly rate will be charged. 8. In the event of an unforeseen incidence, substitution vehicle(s) may be provided at no extra cost. 9. A 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required for the reservation of a vehicle(s) If cancelation is not received 48 Hours prior to the scheduled run or if the passenger does not show up, you will be billed the full amount of the service. 10. New Braunfels Limo Service reserves the right to charge for the full amount of the scheduled run whether or not service is used in its entirety. 11. Signing client is responsible for all payments and additional costs incurred by the client and/or anyone in the client’s party. Upon client signature, all rendered services are indisputable. 12. Client assumes all liability for any damages caused by client’s entire group. 13. No décor or writing on or inside the vehicles. 14. New Braunfels Limo is not responsible for any and all items left in the vehicles.

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Limousine chauffeur opening door

When one thinks of limousine rental services, sports events aren’t usually what comes to mind as the occasion that might require limousine transport. However, limo rental companies offer their services for just about any need, and sports events are such an occasion more often than one might think. The types of sporting events and the clients can vary, but the company will cater to most reasonable demands provided they are requested in time.
For example, sports fans might choose to rent a limousine to visit a memorable sporting event in order to signify the importance of the event or some of its participants to them. This is especially true in the case of monumental events, as these sporting events can end up causing a lot of traffic in the city and potentially threaten a delayed arrival.

Fortunately, the chauffeur working for the limo rental company will be aware of a potential rise in traffic and will avoid it if possible through a combination of timing and choosing the right roads.
Having a chauffeur drive you to and from a sporting event is also prudent due to the possibility of alcohol involved. Many such events sell alcohol on their premises, and some fans might even like to have a toast on their way there, made possible by the mini-bars that many limousines feature. After the event is over, even if there was no alcohol involved, fans will tend to be very emotional adding another risk should one of them need to be the driver. With a designated chauffeur, however, fans can forget about responsibility for the night as the employee of the limousine company takes them to wherever they need to go.
Renting limousine services to athletes is another form of limo rental service for sports events. Depending on the sport, this can be just a single athlete that wishes to have an impressive arrival to the event he or she is competing in. An athlete arriving in a limousine, especially a stretch limousine with just a single passenger, will send off an aura of importance and status to anyone in attendance. The athlete’s fans will feel that much more confident in their support once they see the high-profile ride of the person they are cheering for.
Teams can also rent a limousine to let others, especially the opponent, know that they take themselves and their participation in the event seriously. For such cases, a limo bus appropriately sized to accomodate the entire team and possibly even their coaches tends to be the correct choice. The teams renting these limo buses don’t need to be celebrities by any means, as local or even hobbyist athletes can choose to spice their ride and increase their confidence by doing so. For athletes that are victorious, leaving the event in a limousine can serve as a beginning of the victory celebration and will be a classy way to show off the pride that comes with winning the event. Regardless of the type of customer and the amount of people requiring transportation, renting a limousine for a sporting event is a nice touch to make a special occasion even more so.