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Due to their extravagant appearance and aura of luxury, renting one for the wrong event might end up coming off as tacky while making you seem that you are inappropriately flaunting your wealth, which can be a problem for those concerned with the opinion of their peers. Because of this, these types of limos are mostly chosen to commemorate rare or unique occasions. Weddings, proms and anniversaries are all events where such vehicles may be featured, as are funerals when grieving parties wish to add more formality to the event.
Another type of limo that many aren’t even aware exists is called the limo bus or party bus. These limousines present a luxurious mixture of a limousine and a minibus. They will have all the space of a minibus while not only maintaining the stylish appearance of a limousine but also having many extravagant perks. Disco lighting, loud music, mini-bars and even stripper poles are commonly found in these types of vehicles, making it obvious that they were designed for up to a dozen or even more people looking to party on the road. These limousines will benefit most from the dedicated chauffeur provided by the limo rental company as the passengers will more often than not look to drink alcohol throughout the journey.

The color of a limousine also plays an important part in the selection. Limos come almost exclusively either in black or white color, with some pink limousines also being offered to female clients that need to have the public’s perception focused on their femininity for different reasons. Black limousines are more classic and are appropriate for serious and formal events like funerals and sometimes graduations and proms, whereas white limousines are more often featured at weddings as the ride of the newlyweds’ as well as certain other events with a more casual tone. Take the time to choose the appropriate type and color of the limousine you would like to rent and make sure to consult with any other passengers that might be riding alongside you.